IT Support in Adelaide

At IDSN, we provide premium on-site tech support for your Computer and IT related problems.

Our Qualified Technicians will come to your office or home to solve your problems and provide friendly advice and service to keep your systems running efficiently.

We can examine hardware (computers, laptops, tablets, drives, fans, printers, monitors, keyboards etc.) and software (programs and applications running on your system) and either fix any problems or provide maintenance and advice on how you can keep things running smoothly.

Are you having problems setting up your Internet connection or configuring your modem? Our Qualified Technicians can come out and get you on-line quickly without any fuss.

Do you need to share a single Internet connection with several computers? We can come out and set up a cabled or wireless Internet sharing network for as many Computers, Phones, Televisions and Tablets as you require.

Do you need to access files from one location, share files, share a printer or scanner or fax from your computer? We can set up, configure and maintain a small Workgroup or Server based network.

Are you concerned about your files, pictures, video files and general work documents and their security in the event of a fire, theft or catastrophic drive failure? We can help with simple local or comprehensive real-time, off-site and redundant backup systems. Are you able to get back to business if your hard drive failed?

If you use computers in a business or home environment, we can help you Keep Your IT Working For You.

To get you up and running as quickly as we can, we can provide remote access to your computer to diagnose and pin-point the problem with your system.