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All computer systems can get a little tired and sluggish, here are a few tips to keeping them running well:

Only ever use one security program at a time. When you install security software (anti-virus, malware protection, firewall etc.), these programs intentionally leave resident shields (background modules) running at all times. This is done to monitor and keep your system safe. The high level of access these programs have to your system means that they can fight a running battle against each other if more than one is resident at any time. This will have the effect of slowing or even crashing your system. If you’re not sure what your system’s security status is, please call us for help.

Remove unwanted programs. When you’re loading software to test it or see if you like it, once you’ve decided not to use it, remove it!

Many systems are sold by reputable retailers in an under-recoursed state. This means it is lacking in memory or drive’s capability or other system recourses. If you’re not sure, call today and check before you buy or if you’ve already purchased, call to find out if recourses can be upgraded – quite often, they can.


If your system fails, don’t panic. In most cases, your data (pictures, files, emails, music, videos etc.) are quite safe and can easily be recovered.

If your computer won’t start – try this. Remove the power cord (on a laptop, remove the battery as well), wait 30 seconds, press the power button 5 times, wait another 30 seconds, plug the power cord back in (on a laptop, replace the battery first), then try to power up. If this fails, please call us for help.


Some of you may have experienced, heard of someone who has experienced or is about to experience a Bogus Support Call from a major Australian Telco, Bank or International Computer manufacturer or Software company. “BOGUS” is the key to remember here!

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do any of these type of companies or for that matter any company call you personally to help you fix a problem you have not first reported to them earlier.

When you report a problem, you will be offered a “Case Number”. This is your security key to further communications with that organization in relation to the reported problem only. This way when they do call you back, they can quote the case number which you should have and this will verify the legitimacy of their call.

A call out of the blue has a 100% chance of being a SCAM. Don’t confirm anything, don’t give up information, don’t engage! We’ve found that saying something like… “You sound like a scammer”, usually results in them hanging up and not bothering you again.

If you’re concerned you may have been scammed, please contact us for help on 0872212641 or read more at ACCC Scam Watch.