Windows 10 Basics

Learn about Windows 10, IT Support in Adelaide can help you with Windows 10, IDSN can offer training on Windows 10

Many people are thrown the first time they encounter Windows 10 and may hear horror stories before they ever encounter it.

The reality is that it’s not all that radically different an experience for the End User. If you have used Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8, using Windows 10 will only take you a few minutes to get familiar enough to get going with the basics of Email, Web Browsing, Word Processing and the like.

The image below will help answer a few questions on the basics. If you need to know more, We at IDSN IT Support, are happy to help.

Hover the mouse pointer over the info markers on the image below to learn more about this item. Learn the correct names for different items, tasks and services found on the Windows 10 desktop.