Carbon Neutral

Here at IDSN IT Support, we’re working towards a Carbon Neutral business model.

It’s an impossible task when we are so dependent on sourcing so much product from large multi-nationals that have their own excess pollution problems, but in our own small way, we do what we can. Although going carbon neutral is an admirable goal, it’s only something we can continue striving for but may never actually reach.

Things we can do, will do and are doing are…

  • IN THE OFFICE – Use as much solar/battery energy to power our office, servers, computers, lighting and air conditioning. Since installing our Tesla Powerwall 2, Isolation gateway and solar array in 2017, we have been 94% self-sufficient. Not only that, but we have also fed more than 3 megawatts into the SA Power grid of surplus power we could not use or store at the time of generation.
  • ON THE ROAD – We are transitioning vehicles to fuel-efficient Hybrid Technology. These types of vehicles are well suited to city driving and reducing fossil fuel consumption by up to 60% over are regular equivalent petrol vehicle.
  • COMPUTERS – For more than 7 years now, we have been replacing regular power wasteful tower computers with the high-efficiency low power, low voltage NUC systems. These systems run much cooler because they operate on lower voltages and use far less power.
  • STORAGE DRIVES – Over the past 10 years, here at IDSN IT Support, we have upgraded thousands of older laptops, desktops and All-in-ones with high efficiency and super-fast Solid State Drives. The mechanical Hard Drive found in most systems is one of the least efficient devices in any computer. It’s slow, runs very hot and uses most of it’s high power usage to generate noise, heat and motion.
  • RECYCLE – All of the old computer systems, hardware and packaging we have accumulated over the years is either repurposed or recycled. Nothing goes to general waste.

We’ll keep trying and pushing towards the reduction in the use of non-renewable energy sources. In our modern world, we’d find it very difficult to live without electricity, but we would find it impossible to live without our Planet.

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