Carbon Neutral for Business Sustainability

IDSN energy efficiency

As the world faces a global climate crisis, it is caught between two worlds. In order to prevent climate catastrophes from occurring, we are striving toward a carbon-neutral model even though the project is outside our reach right now. To ensure carbon-neutrality, we are taking some preventive measures.

In Quest of our Carbon Neutral:

We source our office's power from solar and battery energy. Since 2017, we have operated on a grid that is 94% self-sufficient. The Tesla powerwall2, the Isolation gateway, and solar panels were installed.

We store excess power that we are unable to use on our own grid in the SA power grid of surplus power.

As for, 60% reduction in the consumption of fossil fuel compared to petrol-powered vehicles, it can be achieved by switching to hybridization.

For solutions that consume less energy, regular tower computers can be replaced with NUCs with high efficiency, low-power, and low-voltage capabilities.

We generate a significantly lesser amount of noise, heat, motion, and substantially lower power use. The method requires turnabout traditional mechanical hard drives into high-efficiency solid-state drives.

In terms of protecting nature and restoration, the 3R's are the main guiding rules. These elements include REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE. In the same way, we recycle and repurpose old computer systems, hardware, and packaging.

We help in protecting our planet through the adoption of several new approaches and methods in regards to reducing consumption of non-renewable energy sources and declining the use of carbon.