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The lagging of PCs or slower than usual computer startup time are common complaints among PC users. User complaints about computer lag are the most common, while computers are essential for almost every industry. Although the reason can be simple, lack of knowledge makes the work difficult.

What causes your computer to run slowly, and how can you improve it?

Running too many tabs at a one time:

The first and foremost reason why you face trouble while working is that opening many tabs can eat up your valuable time and get your PC slow down.

Keeping only those tabs open that are needed for working will keep your computer running faster.

computer running slow | IDSN
computer running slow | IDSN

Check your Virus infection:

Yes, PCs, like humans, can also be infected with viruses. It may sound funny, but it's a fact that PC gets a virus infection.

It can lead to slow and unresponsive issues that can be troublesome for the user. This is the result of a virus infection.

You can prevent disruptions to your PC by adding and scanning anti-virus software such as Avast.

Defrag hard drive:

A fragmented hard drive can cause computer lag. Very few people are aware of this, but it may be a major cause. The following steps will help you defrag your hard drive and fix the problem:

  • Type defrags in the search box of the window and chooses to defragment and optimize the drive.
  • Select the desired drive and click analyze.

These are some of the reason which causes trouble for the user. You can end them by using these tips and tricks.

In case these aren't the reason then you can contact us, we are there to help you out.

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