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We understand that your time is precious and that you just want your system or internet to work. We come to you and find and/or fix the problem on-site immediately.

Our service is available normal hours, after hours, weekends and public holidays. We service the Greater Adelaide area including surrounding environs.

Ask about our Remote Support option for a faster response (not suitable for all problems).


Getting IT Help

Some of you may be wondering if you can still get personalised on-site IT Support during all the closures and restrictions related to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The short answer is YES, we are still operating and will continue to provide support for as long as we can.

Due to the increased number of people having to work remotely from home, there has been a spike in callouts for help with setting up and for related equipment. So far, we are coping well and will continue to provide high-quality support to all of our existing and new customers.


Rest assured that our Technicians carry Anti-Bacterial wipes and Hand Sanitiser and Face Masks for their own safety and to reduce the chance of spreading the virus. We can not provide these protective measures for your use, you will need to have your own.

The 1.5m distance and no handshaking will also be adhered to in compliance with Government guidelines. Please do not take offence. Politeness does not pose a safety risk, so that will continue as normal.

We would ask that you provide a clean and safe environment, should we be required to conduct a service call at your home or business.


If you are concerned with having a Technician call on you personally, please advise us and we can offer the following alternative services.

If you have any questions, please call 087221 2641