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Fantastic new technology to enhance your computing experience. Solid State Drives (SSD), High Powered mini computers and Streaming for any TV

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IDSN provides a large range of computer software and hardware for our clients, we have some below but depending on your situation we will have other stock available for peoples individual needs.

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Solid State Drives

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Increase your computer’s speed buy up to 15 times by replacing your Hard Disk Drive (HDD) with a Solid State Drive (SSD)

Without buying a new one, your existing computer can be modified to increase its speed by an average of 10 to 15 times above its current operating speed by simply replacing your Operating System drive (usually drive C;\) with a new technology SSD.

Because the HDD in most computers sold today and since the invention of the PC is essentially a mechanical device (with a motor spinning platters, a stepper moving the heads and the alignment of magnetic particles to read and write data) it is very very very slow compared to the electronics in the rest of the computer. Because the HDD is an essential part of any computer and all of its operations, it creates a bottleneck slowing the whole system down to the speed of the HDD’s response time (slow).

Removing the HDD and replacing it with an SSD eliminates this bottle-neck and makes your computer a fully electronic machine allowing it to work faster than even most new computers sold today for only a fraction of the cost. This option is suitable for most but not all computers. Give your Desktop, Laptop or All-in-one computer a new lease of life. The upgrade usually only takes a few hours and will leave your system all software and files exactly as they were.

Intel NUC

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Intel NUC Barebone – Intel 5th Gen Core available in i3, 15 and i7
2x DDR3 1.35v 1333/1600 MHz up to 16GB Max
Supports 2.mSATA and Standard 2.5″ HDD or 2.5″ SSD
Includes Mini HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, Gigabit LAN, Wireless AC, Bluetooth 4.0, WIDI, 4 x SSUSB3.0
Will support any number of USB connectable accessories.
At only 12 x 11 x 5 cm it sits comfortably on a desk or fits to the back of your monitor (subject to mounting bolts availability).

This is the ultimate replacement upgrade or new solution for the old technology tower PC’s. Excellent for home or office environment. Will run Windows7, Windows8 or Windows10 at up to 15-20 times faster than a standard new tower PC. Make no mistake, this is the new generation in computing and with a price point identical to traditional tower PC’s, there is just no question, the NUC is the right choice.

At IDSN, we have been rolling out these brilliant machines since the middle of 2014 and every customer so far has absolutely loved it.

Intel Compute Stick

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Intel Atom Z3735F (4x 1.33GHz)
Memory: 2GB
SSD: 32GB Flash
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics (IGP)
Connectors: HDMI 1.4a and 2 x USB 2.0
Card Reader (microSDHC)
Power supply (Micro-USB)
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n BT 4.0
Operating system: Windows 10 32bit

Yes, you read correctly, this is a Windows 10 PC on a stick the size of 2 matchboxes, end-to-end. Forget the Smart TV’s with all there limitations of what you “can’t do”. Plug this device into your TV and you have a full-blown computer with the full freedom that gives you. We’re not suggesting you turn your TV into a computer, we’re suggesting you give your TV the freedom of a computer, to watch anything available on the web, on your own drives, optical discs, network media centre, iTunes, YouTube, any TV stations catch-up site, Pay streaming site, live radio from anywhere in the world. There is really no limit. Anything available via your computer or the Internet is now available on your TV with this very small and simple device. Connect to your TV, plug in a keyboard, mouse and any drives you like, connect to your WiFi and you’re ready to go. Priced at around $450 including setup (depending on your specific requirements), this is the TV accessory you just can’t do without. Browse our online catalogue of value for money products. Our products are backed by quality and service guarantee. We can provide full-service installation, data transfer and setup including security and other common complementary software.