Is It Worth Replacing a Cracked Laptop Screen or Buying a New Laptop

Is It Worth Replacing a Cracked Laptop Screen or Buying a New Laptop?

To stay connected to the digital world, we use technological devices such as laptops or PCs. Since laptops are portable, people prefer carrying them anywhere for work, education, or entertainment.

But there can be times when due to our irresponsibility or some accidental damage, our laptops can get hampered, especially the screens.

Therefore, you could wonder: "Is it worth replacing a cracked laptop screen?" when the screen cracks or breaks.

To answer this question, you must first go through many factors, as replacing the laptop screen is much more affordable than buying a new one altogether.

Factors That Determine The Replacement of a Cracked Laptop Screen in Adelaide

Here are some issues that you must look into before going to a computer store to get your laptop screen fixed or buying a new laptop:

Cracked or Broken Screen:

The most obvious laptop screen issue many users face is a cracked or broken screen. This can happen because of minor scratches by a dog or a cat. Or else, the structural components of the screen may also have been damaged by a cracked or broken screen, rendering them worthless. Displays that are cracked or broken often require the replacement of the screen and hinge. Screens with touch screens and those without can be easily repaired with this method.

Display Shadows:

If you see dark shapes in the middle of the screen, it means the screen is broken. On the other hand, if the shadows are on the side, it might be from something hitting the screen. Either way, it's important to get it fixed by visiting computer stores in Adelaide as soon as possible. Taking your computer to a screen repair expert will determine what is needed to fix the damage.

Spectral Lines:

Are you seeing horizontal or vertical lines on your laptop? This can be a sign that you have an outdated PC with a bad screen. However, it might also occur if the laptop has been dropped or the screen has been damaged. Although your laptop can still work in this condition, we suggest you get it fixed anyway. In some cases, a technician may be able to resolve the issue without completely replacing the screen. When the internal display parts are damaged, the screen may need to be replaced as a whole or as individual parts.

The Laptop is On, But the Screen is Off:

Another common issue many individuals face is that their screen does not turn on even after turning on their laptops. This problem can frustrate you and ruin your day if you need help understanding why it is happening. Generally, it happens when your laptop gets dropped. If this occurs, you can first investigate the problem to determine whether the problem is with your screen or hard drive. Use an HDMI or Thunderbolt cable to connect your laptop to your TV or any external monitor. If it displays properly, the screen's connection has become loose, or it has physical damage. Let your technician know about the same.

Should You Replace a Cracked Laptop or MacBook Screen?

Before you make this decision to get your laptop screen replacement in Adelaide, here are some things that you must take into consideration:

  • You must consider the computer's age when deciding if it is worth replacing. Since screens contain many technological components, some old computer models cannot be replaced with new screens. If this is the case, you should get your laptop replaced rather than wasting time on its repair.
  • The cost of the laptop screen is another important issue to take into consideration. When determining whether or not a repair is worthwhile, there is a general rule of thumb, but the precise answer depends on many factors.
  • If the cost of your laptop repair exceeds 50% of the cost of a new laptop, ignoring the costs of configuring it and transferring the old one, it is not worthwhile, and you should give up. It is not worth paying so much for a repair when a new laptop can be purchased for the same price.

Hence, take your laptop to a computer specialist who will properly assess and fix your situation.


We are aware of how upsetting it might be to have a broken laptop screen that needs to be serviced right away. But you are not the only one suffering through this. You only need a trustworthy company to fix computer hardware, like IDSN.